Tuesday, November 03, 2009

A space to call my own!

I dream of a day when I have a space to call my own! I am so tight on space to work and I always am shifting things around. I feel so unorganized, everything is just here there and everywhere. To start a project I have to dig and get it all together and by the time I get it all organized I really have lost my drive to complete the project! I have had my own space before and I know how valuable it is for the creative thinking process. So I dream of the day and it can't come soon enough! Until then I will keep on trying to stay organized and shifting things around. No matter what I will keep creating and working toward my dream.

Here are some spaces I wouldn't mind calling my own!

If I could only snap my fingers and say presto!

Have a great day and don't waist it away doing what you don't love!


  1. I know exactly how you feel. A comfortable work space is so important. I've been struggling with getting my own space for years now. It really helps me get in the zone, when I'm surrounded by things that inspire me, good cup of coffee and good lighting.

  2. Darling blog. And I have craft room envy as well. No so much that I envy others, love to visit their fun spaces,it's just that I think my family would prefer to eat dinner that is not covered in glitter!!!

  3. I'm dying to move so I can have my own home office. Right now I blog from my kitchen bar counter. Sigh. There spaces you found are just gorgeous!