Thursday, July 29, 2010

Long time no see!

(image via flickr)

It feels so good to say hello! My life has been a whirl wind and it is still whirling as we speak. Just to recap this last year to date: I cared for and lost 2 very special people in my life to terrible battles with cancer, we are now dealing with their estate and that is just completely insane, and as if that is not enough we have moved in the process of all this insanity.

Things are starting to feel a little more normal these days and we are getting settled in nicely to the new house. It does feel really good to be moved, it had been in the works for quite sometime and it finally has happened. We absolutely love our new space and are excited to be here to stay.

As far as for me and my work, well let's just say I have mustered through the craziness of our life and all the boxes and still managed to do some designing and filling orders. I am feeling just a little overwhelmed sometimes, but if I don't work and do what I love I feel so lost and out of synch. As we are over half way through the summertime, I look forward to the fall and really focusing on my work along with getting my web site up and running! I don't have a particular time set in stone that I would like it finished, however I would love to start the new year off with it up and running. We will see how it goes!

I hope you all are having a great summertime and enjoying the outdoors! We are heading camping this weekend and we can't wait, that would be something that feels really normal to us and like life is back on track.

"cheers to all" and take time to enjoy the sunshine!