Friday, January 15, 2010

Whimsical Wall's!

Colorful, whimsical and full of heart and soul. Here are just some of the order's I have recently finished and shipped out!

After I am finished with every order I feel a little sad to see them go. Although, I am very excited to pass them on and spread the joy of my creations. Not to mention the idea of them hanging on some little one's wall to help inspire their creativity, I kinda get a little attached to each and every piece. Each with their own personality and story to be told, they have some sense of realness that it almost feels like I have created another little soul.

Even though the holidays are over I am still blessed to be busy! Everyday is full of the creative process and I am just loving it. This is the way God intended for my brain to work and it is a joy.

These particular piece's have all been inspired by the client and their design scheme. They communicate so well and make it almost impossible for me to go wrong. They sometimes send me links to check out bedding and such or just thoroughly explain what they want.

I will have some more to post on the blog next week, so check back and take a peak to see what else I have created!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend! I am sure I will be working and loving it!

May God Bless You and fill your life full of love, happiness and Lot's of laughter!


  1. Amy I am so in awe of your talent! I so wish I could paint and you do such an amazing job! You really offer a unique product - I don't think I realized everything was so custom. I will have to spread the word! :)

  2. It is hard to part with art work, isn't it. It's like giving birth to a wonderful creation, and then giving it up...well, okay it's not like that, but I'm sure you know what I mean....
    your site is sooooo pretty...just had to take a minute to send you a complient.
    I'm a new blogger...and I love connecting with creative souls like you!

  3. i totally understand about not wanting to part with your creations. I always wish I would have made one for myself!