Friday, February 01, 2013


 When I think back on my childhood what I remember most is how good I felt when I would hang out and enjoy my room!  It was a place to call my own!  I felt this sense of safeness and could 100% be myself and was able to take time to get to know ME!  Surrounding myself with the things that made me feel happy and could express myself.  "MY SPACE!"  I think that is what inspires me when creating anything at all for kids.  I love the freedom that you have with designing for kids, there are no rules!  
"COLOR"......they love color, "FUN AND WHIMSICAL".....they love fun and whimsical!  I like to make them feel as if they are in another place far far away.  They really do live in our homes, but truly need a space to grow, have their own ideas, inspirations, and let's face it........this is where DREAMS begin!

When I create for babies to teen I always try to remember back on my own experiences and it never fails me.  I hope you have enjoyed looking back at my past work as much as I have enjoyed creating it!  Like I said a couple post ago, I have been working on some new ideas for artwork and creating something a little more adult oriented, from my heart!  I hope you'll check back now and again to see what I have been up to and how all my ideas and inspirations have transpired into beautiful pieces of art and craft!

Taking it one day at a time and enjoying every precious moment I have on this earth with family and friends!  I HOPE YOU ARE TOO!!!!

God Bless

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